Monday, May 22, 2017


HI, Friends,
I've been away for quite some time now and really must get back to the delight of blogging and keeping up with all my friends from around the world. I've been busy, busy - with little to show for it. However, I do have some things to share.

I received a surprise package from my sweet friend, Angela (Pretty Little Things in a Box) I was lucky enough to spend time with when I was in Singapore last year.

Angela knows how much I ADORE biscornus, buttons and embellishments. Aren't her gifts pretty?
Thank you, Angela, for thinking of me!!

I volunteered to be a Guinea Pig for one of Dana Burton's 1:12 scale porcelain dolls. She is going to teach this in a live class and I was one of several who volunteered to go through the tutorial she wrote, the supplies she included, etc., to test it out and see if there were any improvements she could make. Well, through no fault of Dana's design, I messed up a bit and had to go to plan "B" for the embellishments on the bodice of the dress. Had to scrap that because she looked like she had pasties on (YIKES!), so went to plan "C". Actually, there wasn't a plan "C",  so really had to think this one through. OK - here is what I've come up with so far.....


It's difficult to see it in the pictures, but there is silk tulle glued to her bodice and arms. Tricky, yes....I hope to pull the 'look' together with black and gold embellishments and a black silk gauze wrap with gold lining. Stay tuned on this one, kids!

Finished wigging, painting the shoes and getting the stand prepared for "Eve".  Now just have to costume her....

"Eve" OOAK Polymer Clay Doll with soft body - 18 inches tall

Last, but not least, finished "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". I followed a tutorial put together by Deb Wood of "Enchanted Hearts". Deb's an absolute doll and answered many questions I had along the way. Love, LOVED making him!!!  Hubby likes him so much, he's going to make a wooden sleigh for him to sit in!!

OOAK Polymer Clay Sculpt 4.5 inches H x 3.5 inches D

DH cut tiny pieces of wood and I wrapped them with miniature wrapping paper - and even made the bows! I had such a blast making them, I ordered more ribbon in different colors - 8 more packages to wrap......hmmmm......maybe he needs a sack??

I've also been working on other polymer clay things, nothing to show you....yet.

Take care - it's good to be BACK blogging!!! Missed you all. More later -


  1. Missed you too!! I can see you've been busy though. As always I love your dolls - always have had a soft spot for Santas. Actually used to collect them but had to seriously downsize my collection when we moved into the apartment. Now I only have a couple special ones.

  2. So happy to hear from you! Great creativity on Joie, can't wait to see Eve's finish, and Santa - while not usually a Santa fan, I love this one! Your added packages will definitely keep him busy; he probably does need a sack. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good to see you again, see you are keeping busy. Love the Santa and the teeny presents. Look forward to seeing the finished dolls. Hope all is good in your world.

  4. Nice to see your post. I love your beautiful Ladies! They are so perfect.

  5. So good to have you back with us missed you.
    Beautiful dolls you have such talent , thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice to see you back and see your dolls again:) lovely gift from your friend!

  7. Impressive work! Glad you are back posting and sharing. I miss getting notified of your updates. Can hardly wait to see how you dress Eve. Love the Santa. There is no evidence from the photos that you have deviated from any plan - the doll you are making from Dana's kit looks lovely!

  8. Nice to see your post..I love your pretty ladies so much
    Sending you hugs x

  9. So happy to hear from you! I love the pretty ladies.
    What a great artist you are !!!!

  10. Hello, hello, hello, my dear friend. So lovely to see you and your sweet dolls again. Such beautiful work that you do. You are so very talented.

  11. Lovely to see a post from you! Beautiful dolls especially the sweet Santa.

  12. Once again you have done some amazing work

  13. We've missed you, Kim! I'm glad to see what you've been up to--always amazed at the fine detail in your dolls... And that Santa is so darling! Hope you'll post again soon :)

  14. Welcome back to the blogging world! I hope you enjoyed your busy time away. :) Your dolls all amaze me. Love the Santa!

  15. Kim: She is beautiful, love the Santa so sweet, he does not look like clay.